Generations / Interiorly


Two Photographers

Three Generations

Evolution of the Living rooms


GENERATIONS / INTERIORLY (G/B3) is a social-documentary essay by photographers Carl Uytterhaegen and Abdul-Vahit Duman. By means of pictures of living rooms (‘indoors’), the two photographers try to create a visual image of what Flemish people and Turkish immigrants in Ghent and Antwerp pass on from one generation to the next.

By photographing living rooms of three generations, both in Flemish and Turkish families, Carl Uytterhaegen (°1944) and Abdul-Vahit Duman (°1980) direct their lenses to something that often remains hidden to the outside world. The pictures not only show living room interiors of different generations, but also provide insight into how two photographers – each belonging to a different generation and ethnic group – portray the same living spaces.

GENERATIONS / INDOORS visualizes similarities and differences along generational lines: what do people pass on from one generation to the next, which elements are taken over and which are not? Directing the lens at living rooms shows the influence of living in a new, different society, as well as the impact of living in a multicultural environment.

The three generations were asked to select a ‘virtual’ gift for the photographers, as well as an object that they would carry with them to a deserted island. By portraying these objects next to the photos of the living rooms, the viewer can gain insight into what different generations of both groups value most, and how they approach the two photographers, who differ in terms of age and ethnic background.

GENERATIONS / INDOORS shows the evolution of native and Turkish Flemings in Ghent and Antwerp by taking a look inside their living rooms. The living spaces visually represent the diversity within, between and beyond generations, ethnic groups and genders. Simultaneously, it also illuminates the diversity in memories, tastes and styles, that evolve in time, with cross-fertilization across groups and generations.

The social-documentary photo-essay GENERATIONS / INDOORS by Carl Uytterhaegen and Abdul-Vahit Duman offers, in essence, a unique lens to the living rooms of 3 generations, offered by 2 different photographers.


Some citations and reviews of this project


Daniel Termont, Mayor of the City of Ghent:

“This is a book about differences. Difference of age and background.
Difference of tastes and choices. Who is considering what as being beautiful, as being important – and why? This is a book about similarities. How generations are growing to each other and finally have the same choices. How time is wiping out differences. How people take the customs of the region they moved to. And embrace other exotic influences because they like it.

But particularly: this is a book about people.”


Prof. Dr. Johan Swinnen, founder and former president of HISK (Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten) in Antwerp:

 “The essence of this project is the magic radiated by the objects. The photographers are the guards of a presence, but the most important is the harmony of the totality. The unconscious sign, the repressed impulse, the unknown feeling let them take the unconscious in our thinking.”


Klaartje Van Kerckem, Sociologist, Ghent University:

“By giving us the permission to look into the living rooms and private lives of several families, Abdul-Vahit and Carl opened the door to put aside our prejudices and give us an insight in diversity between and within generations, ethnic groups and gender. A multicolored diversity of philosophy of life, tastes, dreams and fears that in its essence is unlimited.”



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